Skyfi-Records is an artist-first indie label founded and established 2022 in Copenhagen by electronic music producer, Søren Bie. [personal website]

Skyfi-Records is a evolving experiment focusing on electronic music, techno, ambient, synth-pop, club, and experimental music.

This small independent label also focuses on becoming a starting shot for a few undiscovered new artists who help kickstart their careers.

As the label is quite new, there is only few release yet, which is Søren Bie’s own music. I am working focused towards many more releases in the future.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Søren Bie Januar 2024
Søren Bie Januar 2024

The French blue series

The story behind the three albums. La Vie Bohème, Avant-garde & Courage. 27 electronic chill ambient works.

A project series named after a favorite color. French blue. The color spans a spectrum from cornflower lavender to steely azure to a rich royal blue.

27 Chill works at a slow tempo, seasoned and woven into many complex layers of rhythm and soundscapes, which go from the highest to the deepest frequencies. They were created in the period between 2005-2018 and finished mixing in 2020-2023. My own slow work process can resemble a bit like wine, as these works were built up and created over many years before they became mature and ready to fly. It wasn’t until 2022 that the project could finally be completed, and it turned into three albums with 9 tracks on each.

The music was created during a period in my life when I was in a certain melancholic artistic state. My worldview and mind were completely different then. I will not be able to create anything similar today, so the works stand as a kind of reminder of the state of time. I’ve changed too much since then, and so has the equipment the music was originally created on. The synthesizers, mixers I had then have long since been replaced and today I worked with a completely different setup.

All the works have been created in a free creative process that was used as therapy. What I created and why, I hardly remember. Most of the works have ended up seeming melancholic and searching for something. A good acquaintance of mine mentioned when she listened to an earlier beta demo. “It reminds me of a kind of film music” Something that I have often thought about, and have probably taken to myself as a compliment. Each track has its own style, feel and story. And lots of rhythm throughout. In fact, some of the structure is more rhythmic than melodic. Some of the tunes have two to three layers for them to “dance together”. In most cases, the melodies are very single, repetitive, which can give a hypnotic experience.

The bass in all three albums is consistently quite deep. There is a lot of play with the frequencies between 20 and 80 Hz. Over the years, as the works were created, the bass is probably the one that changed the most until I thought it was just right. And still it tingles me to go back again and again and “just change a little” here and there. I use SFX in my works. Something that can take some time to create. This “spice” on top presumably gives the total experience a little more than “only instruments” in the classical sense.

As previously mentioned, all works have created a state of therapy, where the music was put together in a melkonic and deep state of mind. Not something I can imagine being able to create today. There is no doubt that these three albums demand a different focus from the listener. The works are far from suitable as consumer radio music, and are clearly on the opposite side of minimalism. As most works are quite complex and have many details, the experience is clearly best suited to listening to with quality headphones.

When I started working on getting my works published after over 20 years of creation, I was surprised by the amount I had produced. This applies not only to these 27 slow tempos, but also to two other series that have a completely different style. I am working on getting them published later.

I spent several weeks cleaning up and creating an overview. Several old samples had disappeared and could not be recovered. The worst was the old backup CDs that could no longer be read.

I went through old half finished demos. Which works had a story and result, and did I myself want it to be published? Because most of what was created had already achieved its meaning with its work. But after sorting and rejecting many half-finished numbers, the total result was 27 numbers, which I could vouch for. So I thought, after spending so many unimaginable hours creating these works, why not share. Maybe there were some good souls out there who would feel, understand and hopefully enjoy these space tours, which I like to call my works.

So if I divided the 27 Chill tracks into three albums with 9 tracks each, it was just a matter of getting started. And that made me spend almost a couple of years focusing on learning the art of mixing, so that a proper finished result could come through. After watching hundreds of masterclasses in mixing and participating in debates in various mixing forums, I started to catch how to make the “big sound”.

I then created my own record company Skyfi Records, where I released my debut album La Vie Bohème in June 2022, and now the ship was launched. Immediately began work on the next album Avant-garde, which was released the same year. And with the Curage album, the series is finally finished after almost 20 years of development. But who knows? Maybe sometime in the future if there is time and desire, there may be a remix of one or more tracks. In perhaps an ambient or uptempo version? Time will tell.