Karneval i København Vol. 1


Title: Karneval i København Vol. 1
By: Various Artists – Frederiksberg Karnevalsgruppe.
Album: 9 tracks.
Length: ? Minutes.
Release Date: 01-10-2022.
Genre: Brazilian-Samba.
Style: Samba, Soca, Samba-reggae.
Recording & mix: Søren Bie.

Copenhagen Samba Vol. 1

The first album of a series of Danish cultural history. Listen to recordings from Copenhagen Carnival and historical samba groups 1982-2022.

The series focuses on live recordings that were not always recorded in the best quality. But they are unique and Danish cultural history.

The first album starts with a unique concert recording from 2007, by the legendary Frederiksberg Karnevalsgruppe.

The concert was probably the last Frederiksberg Karnevalsgruppe performed with, as the association was disbanded shortly afterwards. This was their 25th anniversary. All musicians and dancers who had been in Frederiksberg over the past several years were invited to join a huge celebration of Frederiksberg for the 2007 carnival. There were approx. 25-30 musicians and 10-15 dancers who performed.

Track 1.
Good old Frederiksberg song. Possibly started by the audience when the group takes the stage.

Track 2.
Soca. Starts at a “normal” pace and then increases slowly to build an atmosphere among the audience.

Track 3.
Samba. Classic Frederiksberg “thrasher” samba!

Track 4/5/6
Giv mig et Ø giv mig et L – hvad siger det…
Samba reggae. (4, 5 and 6 belong together, with tempo change)

Track 7.
Slow samba

Track. 8/9
Samba. (8 and 9 belong together. Along the way, the group goes down in volume and rises again for a “32” break)

The concert ends in true Frederiksberg style, at such a high tempo that no one absolutely could keep up – just as it should be.

La Vie Bohème


Title: La Vie Bohème
By: Spacetours.
Album: 9 tracks.
Length: 59 Minutes.
Release Date: 09-06-2022.
Genre: Electronic.
Style: Chill, Ambient, slow beat

This album is the first of a series with previous works dating back to the late 90’s. Many of the selected works for this collection’s album series were forgotten and put aside for many years. They have now been remixed and finally released.

A total of three albums are planned in the same vibration, with old works, where the tempo is set very slowly and the atmosphere is fluctuating between low ambient and the chill factor is quite high.

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